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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 29, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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learning. that's the best part about it. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning americ >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> straight ahead from capitol hill to massachusetts, a terror plot where d.c. is the target. it is four-o'clock 30. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes his is brian. it is great to have you with us. what is shaping up for today? >> i have a broken tv behind me. it is thursday morning. we are getting started on a transitional de. de 10 of the stagnant pattern we have been in for so long.
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finally it's looks like things will transition. 70 downtown this morning. 64 in gaithersburg as we get started this morning we have some fog out there. visibility less than a quarter of a mile. a sense of a mile in gaithersburg. definite fog issues outside this morning. not the showers which started off with yesterday. that storm system is moving out after some fog. partly sunny and less humid. a couple of thunderstorms left this afternoon. cooler weather coming down the pike. >> good morning, everyone. we have patchy fog that is going to cook -- affect your to meet this morning. i have one accident of the outer loop close to braddock road. the accident was just reported. here is the camera to show folks dropping to the fog bank. more to come on the traffic in. >> thank you, lisa.
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we began with a developing story from northwest washington. that is where george washington university graduate student died after tried to break up a fight. >> 36-year old patrick casey had just returned from a year-long deployment to afghanistan. he was with friends at a mcdonald's last week when three people began arguing. the argument moved outside. that is when one suspect tried to push casey's friend. his parents say he was punched in the face. he fell and hit his head. he died at the hospital. it is not clear what spoked b -- sparked the initial argument. 3 people were shot in the district. a spokesperson confirmed the victims were shot in the 4900 block of seventh street in northwest washington. the circumstances are not clear at this point. the investigation is ongoing.
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we are learning more details about a terror plot targeting washington. investigators tell us a man planned to plug explosives into a radio operated plane and blow them up inside the capitol and the pentagon. john gonzales has more. >> to most, these large remote- control plays like obsessive toys. a 26-year-old u.s. citizen was planning to use them during a terrorist attack in washington. rezwan ferdaus was arrested after undercover agents delivered materials he requested for his sinister plan including 24 pounds of explosives. >> it is unfortunate and sad. >> a physics graduate at northwest university, he was using a storage facility to store his material and plain. >> c-4 can cause a tremendous
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amount of damage. >> the fbi says his desire was to waive -- wage a deadly g hyde on the u.s. he said, "i cannot stop. there is no other choice for me." >> it is scary that he would set -- take something so innocent and turn it into a weapon. >> undercover agents posing as recruiters for al qaeda met with him several times. they kept a close eye on him especially when he made a trip to d.c. at one point, he was falsely informed that his detonators have been used to kill three u.s. soldiers in iraq. his response? "that is exactly what i wanted." >> i am title he got the guy. the local man accused of defrauding at a d.c. woman by impersonating nfl start vance young is in court.
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he was convicted in a sore to it -- a similar scheme in texas claiming to be a professional basketball player. he was convicted of sexual assault and served jail time. an arrest warrant was issued. he has violated his probation. >> the range of punishment is as little as two years in prison to as much as 20 years in prison. >> young told a d.c. woman that a $5,000 donation to his organization -- she gave him $25 and never heard from him again. the trial continues for a fairfax grandmother accused of killing her granddaughter. >> the mother of the little girl took the stand yesterday. she broke down in tears as she described the situation. the child died hours later at the hospital. de la rosa pleaded not guilty.
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her lawyer said she was insane at the time of the and sedan. we have the first pictures of engineers on top of the washington monument. crews are trying to determine if the monument suffered extensive damage during the earthquake. the climber took the images before climbing down the structure. they spent several days examining every inch of the monument. they took a picture of the stones and are tapping the outside with a soft malik, listening for indications of damage. the monument has been closed indefinitely to the public while this project takes place. ford is hiring. investors are growing more and destitute -- growing more pessimistic over the economy. as you both know, we've been plagued by uropods the debt crisis for some time now.
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a recent labarge survey shows investors worldwide anticipate the crisis to lead to social unrest and a financial meltdown. stock index futures are higher as speculation grows german lawmakers will change the european bailout fund. then bernanke is calling the nation's unemployment situation a national crisis. he made that statement during a visit to cleveland last night. ford is looking to hire. the auto maker plans to add 7000 jobs over the next two years. on a separate note, they are declining comment on progress of negotiations with the uaw. the automaker was discussing 10,000 jobs. an agreement may be hammered out this week. who says you cannot get anything for free? it is national coffee day. i will tell you where you can get a free cup of joe coming up.
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>> free coffee on a thursday morning. that is why i came in this morning. >> for clock 37 is our time. 68 degrees. coming up, the cantaloupe listeria outbreak becomes even deadlier. plus, hundreds of illegal immigrants are arrested in a major crack down. at first a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> we are looking for to the weekend. it will be a little bit chillier. >> another couple of showers today. the cool air will start to settle in. it will feel better progressively through the day. no showers. the clouds have fanned out however, we as a low clouds and fog. upper 60's to near 70's. the drier air will move in throughout the day. upper 70's. much cooler in the 50's. tomorrow, not a bad looking de.
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a little windy at times. by the weekend colder air moves in. it could make for a sprinkle or two on saturday. not the prettiest of days. lisa baden how is the fog affecting the commute? >> it will add a little bit of a challenge. be careful as you head out and about. i will show you a nice picture where it shows you folks rolling through the fog bank out of cockspur. -- clarksburg. i've warned you about a crash of the beltway. it is all the outer loop at braddock road. everything is open now. all 66 miles looks pretty decent. we are looking good between richmond and baltimore on 95. 4:42 is our time on this thursday. >> coming up, massive budget cuts could leave deep wounds in one county.
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>> they are doing dumb stuff. >> they were on a path of destruction until they arrived at a special place.
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oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-st f football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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it is 4:45. a massachusetts man faces terror
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charges for allegedly plotting to destroy the pentagon and u.s. capitol. rezwan ferdaus wanted to use radio controlled planes filled with explosives. nearly 3000 illegal immigrants including two hundred in our area, were arrested in a crack down. officials were looking for illegal immigrants with criminal records. a listeria outbreak is expected to cause more deaths and illnesses. it has been blamed for 17 illnesses and 16 deaths, including one in maryland. the budget crunch of montgomery county has one house member proposing new cuts. george leventhal once funding slashed. the county spends and $1.50
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million a year on administration costs. >> you have paid county staff taking minutes, showing up, giving reports taking the feedback. then there is a certain amount of a sensory reimbursement that goes on. >> other county officials say the commission produces results at a relatively low costs. discussions are just beginning. a public hearing is set for october 18. residents will have the last chance to weigh in on hot lanes on i-95. the lanes will run from fairfax county to stafford county. a third and final meeting starts at 5:00 p.m.. it will be held at north stafford high school. vincent gray will hold a summit tonight in ward 8. they will discuss short and long term as -- -- the public event
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starts at 6:00. it is 4:48 on thursday. slot machines in maryland may be delayed. the casino proposal has been rejected because of a license fee. the commission also rejected a plan to put two hundred slot machines at rocky gas state park. >> it is now 4:48. time to take a look at traffic and weather. >> we are right in the middle of a transition, right brian? >> we are transitioning out of the stagnant pattern. we would get 10 days of low pressure left with daily cloud cover and showers off and on. we are foggy once again this morning as you head out on the highways. temperatures in the 60's in the suburbs.
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70 downtown. a little bit muggy. areas especially to the west, u.s. and visibility issues. cooler air off to the northwest will be headed our way. look at our satellite picture locally. there are some scattered clouds. no western early on today. a couple of showers do the afternoon. partly sunny. it will be a little less muggy today. look for a more comfortable day by later tonight. tomorrow, wendy and cooler. low to mid 70's. look at that. 50's for the highs. then things really calmed down. still cool on sunday. temperatures coming back into the 60's and 70's. finally, we could see the end in sight.
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>> on the outer loop that braddock road, the crash is completely gone. brookfield road close to georgia ave. we are hearing about wires down on the roadway. the beltway is moving nicely between georgia avenue and fed ex. field. both directions look pretty good. we have a couple of pictures to show you about traffic. first of all, we cross over to the potomac river. the 14th street bridge is moving smoothly. this camera will take us into maryland and into the fog bank. >> animal control officers are celebrating a happy reunion. >> two potbellied pigs affectionately known as kermit and miss piggy were spotted earlier this week. officers picked up one pig last week and one yesterday. animal control is working with the pig placement network searching for a new home for the
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pigs. kermit and miss piggy. >> i liked it. they look like a happy couple. >> they do. hopefully they will be able to stay together. >> absolutely. it is 4:50 and 67 degrees. >> next, helping young teens get on the right path.
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>> after facing homelessness,
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abandonment, and run ins "-- with the law, most teenage boys find it difficult to get on the right path. a program in montgomery county is helping them on their way. >> this 18-year-old could not picture himself working at a chicken coop seven months ago. in fact, he did not picture a future for himself at all. what were you thinking? >> i was homeless at the time. >> you did not care what happened to you? >> no. >> whitehurst was finally referred to a residential job training program in montgomery county. many of the young men here and that having several -- similar backgrounds. >> i was stealing cars breaking at at -- breaking into houses, robbing stores. >> through "our house," they learn construction skills. the program also provides
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counseling and therapy. richard laid the foundation 18 years ago. >> somebody has to step forward and help these kids. >> the men stay an average of one year, learning a trade earning their high school diploma. >> if it makes them feel they can be successful. >> once they leave, it is with experience and a vision they never had before. >> i want to study marine biology. >> i have a bunch of plans for the future. >> that was leon harris reporting. every construction project is for another nonprofit. they are currently working on the concession stand for the boys and girls club of onley. they also do committee service. >> that is a great story. you need someone to say, "you can do it.
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you are capable of big things." at looks like they are getting that. >> they are more confident now. >> we had to look at the store is trending on our website at severe weather is the top story. also, repairs on the washington monument. the principal in the banana student controversy is also on our web page. you can check it out at >> we have 67 degrees on this thursday. >> still ahead, they are being called heroes of the flood.
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>> you do not think of a terrorist being one street over. it is scary. >> neighbors are shock after learning a person in their community was arrested in a massive terror plot. >> we want justice. >> plus, a war hero dies after an attack outside a fast-food restaurant. family and friends make a desperate plea. >> a strong warning from federal health officials in the wake of the listeria outbreak. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute


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